Meeting Design is not about getting attendees to the right location. It’s about getting in their minds.

We believe that meetings can only be successful when looking at the meeting process and the participants holistically. The meeting is a temporary ecosystem in which everything hangs together. Consequently, in order to be effective, the programme must be an experience that goes beyond the mere logical and cerebral. It has to connect with participants at a deeper level so that they connect at a deeper level. We call this Meetings With Heart and Soul.

Naturally, if designing meetings is what we do, we can Design Your Meeting!

Designing your meeting

To make meetings effective, we design programmes based on:
– content
– objectives of the organizer
– characteristics and expectations of the participants.

In the course of the last 15 years, we have developed our own, unique design methodology. It helps our clients to:
– establish the overall objectives they wish to achieve with their meeting;
– define the outcomes at the end of the meeting
– picture the experience for their participants
– formulate the appropriate facilitation style

Most of the time, we design the entire programme from start to finish. In practice, a full design means we apply the methodology briefly outlined above and produce a script that specifies exactly who in the meeting does what and when (and, of course, why!). It includes indications on how the meeting’s content needs to develop and with the help of which people (such as, but not limited to, speakers) and other tools.

We can also consult you on how to improve an existing programme. You can ask us to look over your shoulder and provide advice on specific parts. On speaker management, for instance.

Like an architect, we build your programme.


Of course we can run the entire show for you, by also managing the production of the design. This means we deliver the full package: Like an architect we start asking you what you want the meeting to look and feel like, build the programme and take care of everything, including the final execution of the meeting and the post-meeting communications. We cooperate with the best producers and PCO’s, to ensure optimum outcomes

Making the meeting itself swing.

Presentation, Facilitation, Moderation

Of course, on the day of the meeting, you want the participants to get into the full swing of the programme. And so, it happens regularly that we present, facilitate or moderate the programmes we have designed. Over the past 15 years, we have gained considerable experience in this specific aspect of our work and we have ran many different types of groups. If, however, we feel that the programme requires a specific style or skillset outside our scope, we tap into a rich network of moderators with international experience.

Fees and Prices:
Almost of our work is tailor-made. When you contact us, we conduct a first, general intake. On the basis of that input, we provide you with a detailed offer of our services, including deliverables. The offer is based on an estimate of the time investment needed to produce the outcome you require. We specify expenses separately.
Our average daily rate for design and presentation is € 1,750.
Production: € 100 /hr

In the past 15 years we worked for more than 200 international clients. Here’s a selection: