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An inspiring part of our work is the regular opportunities to share our knowledge and experience.

More effective and successful meetings: How!

Courses & Trainings

We hold both open courses at different levels, as well as tailor-made courses and seminars targeting the day-to-day reality in your organization. In addition, these courses can be stand-alone courses on meeting design, or part of a comprehensive package covering all aspects that make meetings more effective and successful. We offer this latter type of programme in co-operation with cutting-edge partners.

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Meeting Design Course, Level 1

“Attending this course has really given me a lot of new angles and inspiration on how to improve my own meetings.”

General Manager Hotel, Sweden

“The training was the perfect mix of theory and practice with quite challenging group exercises in real world scenarios which really had an impact on the way we will approach events in future. With Mike we had a very experienced expert and mind-set changer and learned a lot about maximizing meeting effectiveness by better activating the bodies and souls who are present.” 

Head of Meetings, Germany

“A great course taught by a true expert in the field Eric, who passed on decades of experience in an inspiring two days. A brilliant opportunity to be creative, to meet and learn from other individuals in your field from across the globe too. ”

Communciation & Content Specialist, UK

“The course is a strong and deep experience! Now I have got new sharp tools to deal with projects, both when designing events form the start and when it comes to give a little powerful tweak to a meeting already structured. Thanks Eric!”

Marketing Director, Italy

 “The meeting Design course provides professionals with tools on how to add value to their meetings and how to develop an exceptional meeting concept that meets the expectations of the host.”

Project Manager International Events, Bulgaria

Meeting Design Course, Level 2

“The Meeting Design Course was an amazing experience for me. With the perfect team Eric and Mike, that made the essential pieces of the puzzle ie meeting owner, participants and content connect to allow designing GREAT meetings.”

Association Meeting Planner, Italy

“As expected the course was inspiring and refreshing. Lots of input and excercises to stimulate our brains and think out of the box. And both Eric and Mike are very good trainers. I really enjoyed it, and the group was fun, too!”

Corporate Meeting Planner, Austria

” I enjoyed the course a lot. For me it gave me new knowledge and new tools and I also feel stronger to propose to my colleagues activities for working on the events design. I am already using some of the techniques explained on the experience concept and content flow for forthcoming events in my organisation”.

Internal Meeting Quality Manager in Supranational Agency, Italy

” The course was really inspiring and productive! I experienced a lot of case histories and shared best practice: very useful in my daily job. Mike & Eric were very nice with us and always ready to suggest one or more solution with their long experience in designing meetings”. 

Independent Meeting Planner, Italy

A Keynote AS WELL AS a participative Workshop


Clients often invite us to share our knowledge and experience about meetings during conferences, seminars, etc. Naturally, we only accept tailor-made sessions; a typical format is that of the Keyshop, with the content of a keynote, but the format of a participative workshop.

• Note: please check our calendar for engagements as content providers

Fees and Prices:
Tailer-made on request

Video reflections

Only accessible for course participants with a password. Please contact us if you didn’t receive yours.


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13th of FebruaryWorkshop Education Design, University of Milano
14th of FebruaryWorkshop Education Design, University of Torino
14th – 16th of FebruaryMeeting Design Practicum, Milan
22nd – 23rd of FebruaryBetter Meetings Course, Ascendis, Bucharest
28th of FebruaryWorkshop Education Design, NHL – Stenden University, Leeuwarden
24th – 25th of MarchMeeting Design Course Level 1, Taipei
9th of AprilMeeting Design Keyshop, Helsinki
10th – 11th of AprilMeeting Design Course Level 1, Helsinkiregistration
29th of April – 1st of MayMeeting Design Week, Dubai
13th -17th of May Meeting Design Week, Guayaquil
20th – 24th of MayMeeting Design Week, Quito
29th – 30th of MayMeeting Design Week, Mexico
24th – 26th of JuneMeeting Design Week, Madrid
2nd – 4th of SeptemberMeeting Design Week, Barcelona
9th – 11th of SeptemberMeeting Design Week, Malaga
2nd – 4th of DecemberMeeting Design Week, Costa Brava
25th – 26th of JanuaryMeeting Design Course Level 2, Viennamore info
15th – 17th of FebruaryMeeting Design Practicum 2018, Amsterdam
26th of February – 4th of MarchMeeting Design Week, Quitowebsite
16th of MarchEvent Fest, Praguewebsite
23rd of June – 30th of JuneMeeting Design Week, Taipeiwebsite
26th of November – 30th of NovemberMeeting Design Courses Level 1 & Level 2, Quito
7th – 8th of DecemberBetter Meetings Course, Ascendis, Bucharest
10th – 11th of JanuaryMeeting Design Training – Focus on Theatre, Amsterdam
25th – 26th of JanuaryMeeting Design Training Level 1, Barcelonamore info
9th – 11th of February Meeting Design Practicum 2017, Barcelona
4th – 6th of April IACC – Americas Connect, Los Angeles
15th – 18th of MayForum Prävention, Vienna
27th – 28th of MayIn-House Meeting Design Training, A&S Team, Milan
9th of JuneMeeting Cure Presentation, Hoornsterzwaag
6th – 9th of JulyWater Melon Camp, Taiwan
10th of OctoberKeyshop Contribience for Nominees BEA World Event Festival, Boekarest
30th of OctoberPresentation Conference Network Finland, Porvoo
31st of OctoberPresentation MPI Finland, Helsinki
3rd of February LEAD 2016, Nashville
11th – 13th of FebruaryMeeting Design Practicum, Utrecht
10th – 11th of MarchCEO-CF Collaborative Forum, Lyon
21st – 22nd of MarchICCA France & Benelux Sector, Luxembourg
30th of March – 1st of AprilICCA Iberia Chapter, Malaga
11th – 12th of AprilIn-House Meeting Design Training, Vincentz Network, Hannover
11th – 12th of AprilFórum Eventos 2016, Réboucas, Brasilwebsite
9th – 12th of MayForum Prävention, Vienna
24th – 25th of MayMeeting Design Training, Amsterdammore info
29th – 31st of May Connections Meetings, Malaga
19th – 25th of JuneKeyshop WOW Awards, New Dehli
15th- 17th of AugustWatermelon Camp, Taiwanmore info
22nd of SeptemberSeminary Meeting Design, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Art, Lucerne
6th of OctoberKeyshop, Helsinki
13th – 15th of OctoberKeyshop EuBea 2016, Saint Petersburgmore info
1st – 4th of NovemberICCA Congress 2016, Kuching, Malaysia
15th of JanuaryRINO Coaching Workshop
20th – 21st of JanuaryMeeting Design Course, Malmö
22nd of January
Masterclass Meeting Design, Malmö
1st – 3rd of FebruaryEMEC MPI 2015, Krakow
9th – 10 th of FebruaryMeeting Design Training, Delhi
12th – 13th of FebruaryMeeting Design Training, Hyderabad
16th – 17th of FebruaryMeeting Design Training, Mumbai
26th – 27th of FebruaryEVENTEX 2015, Sofia
9th of MarchPride in Production, NAM, Amersfoort
10th of MarchAssociatie Symposium Rotterdam 2015, Rotterdam
16th – 17th of MarchICCA Benelux France Chapter Summit
30th of March – 1st of AprilLEAD 2015, Dallasmore info
17th of AprilWorkshop Madrid Convention Bureau, Madrid
27th- 30th of April Senior Manager’s Meeting Vesuvius, Chicago
19th – 20th of MayForum Prävention, Vienna
10th – 11th of JuneMeeting Design Training, Londonmore info
12th of JuneMIA, London
15th of JuneMeeting Design, de Heilige Graal?, Utrecht
2nd – 3rd of JulyEVCOMference, Liverpoolwebsite
13th- 15th of JulyInternational Management Meeting KSB, Mannheim
21st – 22nd of AugustMeeting Design Training, Indian Association Congress, Bangalore
17th of SeptemberTEDxFryslân, Drachten
24th – 25th of SeptemberMeeting Design Training, Sofiamore info
31st of Oct – 4th of NovICCA Congress 2015, Buenos Aires