Do you do your meetings by default? Or by design?

Meeting Cure

Meeting Cure is a systemic programme that will drastically improve your normal, day-to-day, internal meetings. It consists of a unique combination of:

  1. the strategic decision by top management to call a halt to the waste of resources as a result of poor meetings;
  2. specific competence training of people responsible for conducting meetings.

Many people in organizations complain about poor meetings: we need meetings but they are not effective and not efficient. Yet, it is not easy to change the meeting culture.

Meeting Cure offers a step-by-step programme that has proven to work. All organizations are different, therefore what these steps contain may vary.

Fixed steps are always:

  1. Measure current meeting satisfaction with our proprietary ROME test (Return On Meeting Effort)
  2. A strategic workshop with top management to establish the main areas for improvement and the depth of our programme
  3. Establish exemplary behaviour with top management
  4. Train selected individuals in the organisation, and at the same time
  5. Conduct experiments to turn around the status quo
  6. Make adjustments in organizational processes wherever needed
  7. Measure again with a final ROME test

In Meeting Cure we apply our 15 years of experience as Meeting Designers to solve a structural and costly weakness in many organizations. Please contact us and we will be happy to work out together how Meeting Cure can improve your day-to-day meetings.

“MindMeeting’s ”MeetingCure” programme has given us revolutionary improvements in our internal meetings. Participants (40-50 senior managers) gave an average Return on Investment of 45% for their efforts on ”curing” the meetings in our company. This programme stands out as the best HR investment in our organization of recent years.”

Giorgio Treves, Head of HR and Member of the Board of Volkswagen Financial Services Milan, Italy.

Meeting Doctor

You can hire us as Meeting Doctor. The Meeting Doctor cures the sick meetings in your organization. This is a deep, quantum-leap intervention, resulting in a different way of conducting your ordinary business meetings. It generates huge savings in time and resources for your organization.

Meeting Lab

Alternatively, we can conduct Meeting Labs, energy-generating interventions in which we develop and test completely new meeting formats, resulting from a smart mix of our know-how and insights, combined with on-site experimentation.

Meetings and your Communications in general

Impact Consultation

Whenever appropriate, we consult you on the impact of meetings in internal or external communication strategies. How do meetings relate to other means of communications and how does a meeting fit into a broader communications programme with an extended timeline?

Satisfaction is a very (very!) generic outcome!

Measuring Results

We can provide you with tools to measure the results of your meeting. Often this does not require complicated, heavily ICT-based instruments. Very pragmatically, we develop quantifiable targets and outcomes, defining these in the design process, together with you. Naturally, this includes the tools to obtain the data on such targets and the data analysis.

Note: many meeting organizers hold exit surveys that measure participants’ satisfaction with the meeting. Although valuable as an indicator, satisfaction is a very (very!) generic outcome.

Fees and Prices:
Tailor-made on request