Improving Meetings in East Asia – Here is how!

 “First time ever in Taiwan!”

Meetings are an incredibly powerful form of communications. However, their potential is rarely used to the maximum. That is why Asia Concentrate and Orange Gibbon are bringing the Meeting Design Week to Taiwan – for the first-time ever!

The Meeting Design Week focuses on making meetings more effective and more efficient. Below is an overview of the activities Asia Concentrate is offering, all powered by Orange Gibbon, the brand new joint venture between Asia Concentrate and the cutting-edge meeting designers of MindMeeting from the Netherlands.

The Meeting Design Week is held from 20 to 27 June 2018, in Taipei (Taiwan) and other venues in Taiwan.

June 20 – 21       MICE Manager Training

June 22 – 23       Watermelon Camp 2018

June 22 – 23      3E Workshop

June 26 – 27       Meeting Design Course Level 1

Water Melon Camp

A true Camp, focused especially on young learners who wish to obtain insights into how meetings work as a form of communications. This year is the third edition of Water Melon Camp. The Camp brings revolutionary participative teaching methods.

This year’s programme for the Water Melon Camp is especially broad: it ranges from input on how the venue impacts the behaviour of participants to improving the small, day-to-day meetings within organizations, from a general introduction into the workings of Meeting Design, to practising with totally new meeting formats and from a brief training in facilitation skills to developing creative thinking.

The Water Melon Camp takes place in Taipei, on Friday 22 and Saturday 23 June.

Meeting Design Course Level 1

Another first for East Asia, is this specific training course on Meeting Design! The course introduces participants to the profession of Meeting Designer, according to the principles outlined by Eric de Groot and Mike van der Vijver in their seminal book “Into the Heart of Meetings”. Among many other things, Eric and Mike have contributed to the Annual International ICCA Congress, as presenters and moderators.

Participants receive a certification for Meeting Design Course Level 1, recognized by MindMeeting.

If you want to learn about creating better meeting programmes hands-on and by experimenting, then this course is the right choice for you! The course targets meeting professionals who want to exert a greater influence on the outcomes of their meetings and events, as well as change agents and communication experts who use meetings in their communication mix.

The Meeting Design Course Level 1 takes place in Taipei on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 June.

3E Workshop

As part of the MD Week programme, Orange Gibbon partners Pairry Chiang, Han Chiang, Eric de Groot and Mike van der Vijver conduct Keyshops on various topics related to Meeting Design. A Keyshop is a participant-centred workshop with the content of a Keynote speech. So instead of passively consuming the content, participants are challenged to apply the knowledge directly to their own working environment.

MD Week partner MindMeeting has extensive experience in working with groups of young people, motivating them to learn through participative and effective formats.

In the course of the MD Week, we conduct a special seminar for lecturers at Chi Lee University. It will run in parallel to the Water Melon Camp so as to allow for cross-fertilization between both groups of participants.

MICE Manager Training

For some time now, Meeting Design has attracted the attention of forward-looking Taiwanese organizations. MD Week includes a number of interventions where our trainers and experts work with groups of selected partners in order to strengthen their know-how in various meeting-related areas. Most of these activities are closed to the general public but please ask for information to check whether we can hold such an intervention also for your organization! We will hold two sessions on Meeting Design and meeting marketing for Taitra.

The MICE Manager Training takes place on Wednesday 20 and Thursday 21 of June, one in Taipei and one in Kaohsiung.


Naturally, we will also present several surprises, such as some brand new formats. We will open these sessions for the general public, so that you get a free introduction to the formats. Stay tuned for more information on our Facebook page!

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Asia Concentrate – Pairry Chang/ Han Chang

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Meetings in Taiwan re-invented!

MindMeeting and Asia Concentrate Launch Joint Venture: Orange Gibbon

MindMeeting (the Netherlands) and Asia Concentrate (Taiwan) have agreed on a joint venture that will provide Meeting Design services for Far East markets. The new company will have the name Orange Gibbon and it will be offering advanced Meeting Design solutions for anyone holding meetings.

Strategic Move for Strategic Meetings

In an unprecedented strategic move, two companies from widely different parts of the world are now joining forces to spread Meeting Design know-how and services. For this, they have founded a 50-50 joint venture based in Taipei, called Orange Gibbon. Name and logo testify to the company’s agility and its ability to give shape to meetings that catalyze and promote change. Orange Gibbon works on the principles of: Meeting – Agility – Design – Change!

Starting from March, 2018, Taipei-based Asia Concentrate will offer Meeting Design services to clients in the Chinese speaking Far East. Clients include corporate, government and association organizations. These services will be provided jointly with one of the best-known and ground-breaking Design agencies in the world, MindMeeting from the Netherlands. Together they are called: Orange Gibbon.

Orange Gibbon offers a 360 degrees package of services to create change and increase meeting effectiveness and efficiency. This includes: the application of selected formats to specific sessions during meetings and events; full-fledged meeting design; change programmes for day-to-day internal meetings; facilitation and moderation. Where needed, we work with local, external partners for ancillary services, such logistics.

Background information

Meeting Design for the Future of Meetings

It is becoming ever clearer that live meetings will need to become more effective in order to remain strategically viable. Unless meetings prove their unique communicative power, organizations will increasingly deploy remote technological solutions and keep costs down. Meeting Design is one of the few strategic innovations that support the meeting industry in its vital pursuit to remain relevant. In recent years, organizers and participants alike have progressively begun to recognize the power and the effectiveness of well-designed meeting programmes.


Asian Concentrate co-founder and owner Han Chiang explains: “Life will find its way, people say. Back to 2015 when we first talked to Mike and Eric, I never thought Orange Gibbon would swing into our business life. In the first place, we found Meeting Design is very interesting and, with women sixth sense, we decide to introduce this into Asia market. It is not just two gentlemen from Netherlands showing us the great power of Meeting Design, but also our two ladies in Taipei finding a perfect solution to dull meetings. So, we started our first trial in Watermelon Camp and it brought us such impressive impact, to both the participants and us as organizers! Plus, we gibbons share the same vision of the meeting future, which builds up our tribe now in Asia.

For MindMeeting, the cooperation is a logical next step after earlier activities in Taiwan. Says MindMeeting’s co-founder, owner and managing partner Mike van der Vijver: “We have visited Taiwan several times in the past few years, raising the awareness about the importance of well-designed Meetings and Conference programmes in a number of workshops and trainings. Asia Concentrate facilitated these events and has begun to open up the market for Meeting Design. With Asia Concentrate, we have found a local partner who shares our views on the future of meetings. And even more importantly, we have found a great alignment around such shared values as friendship and fun. People often think that you can’t – you shouldn’t! – found a business cooperation on human connections like this, but we fundamentally disagree. MindMeeting’s international expansion is essentially rooted in shared values. We are extremely pleased that we have found the same spirit that has always distinguished MindMeeting in Taiwan, as well.”

Company profiles

Asia Concentrate Corporation is thrilled to design a unique and memorable event experience.

Every convention begins as a rough stone and is shaped with the highest levels of skills and expertise into a dazzling encounter. As a leading authority in the industry, Asia Concentrate has provided professional event management including itinerary design, language services, guest entertainment, interior design and decoration, financial management and much more since 2013.

We understand the value of good communication. Our efficient consultations allow us to understand in detail your goals and expectations and this empowers our planning team to deliver the most memorable conventions and exhibitions ever. We excel in what we do and we aim to make your event a splendid and brilliant experience for your guests and your organisation.

We believe every convention or event requires its own unique masterplan, like a diamond has its own unique characteristics and cut. Based on the four Cs of event planning – Concentration, Challenge, Creativity and Communication, Asia Concentrate integrates your demands and coordinates resources to make your event sparkle.

To be a guest at your own event is our promise to every one of our honored clients.

MindMeeting is a leading agency, fully specialized in the design of successful international meetings. Founded in 2003, it serves clients worldwide in order to increase the effectiveness of their meetings. It has recently expanded into Spain and India with a local representation and is planning to expand further in Ecuador, as is evident from the recent Meeting Design Week held there.

Meeting Design Week in Taiwan

Orange Gibbon starts off fast and intensely: In the third week of June, Taiwan will experience the first-ever Meeting Design Week. The programme will feature Meeting Design training, cooperation with Universities to innovate teaching formats and several keyshops (contact us to find out what a keyshop is!). Also, the third edition of the “Watermelon Camp”, a training programme with unconventional teaching methods for innovative thinkers, will take place during the Meeting Design Week. This year’s Watermelon Camp will be dedicated to ”The Power of Meetings.”