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Improving Meetings in East Asia – Here is how!

 “First time ever in Taiwan!” Meetings are an incredibly powerful form of communications. However, their potential is rarely used to the maximum. That is why Asia Concentrate and Orange Gibbon are bringing the Meeting Design Week to Taiwan – for the first-time ever! The Meeting Design Week focuses on making meetings more effective and more […]

Meetings in Taiwan re-invented!

MindMeeting and Asia Concentrate Launch Joint Venture: Orange Gibbon MindMeeting (the Netherlands) and Asia Concentrate (Taiwan) have agreed on a joint venture that will provide Meeting Design services for Far East markets. The new company will have the name Orange Gibbon and it will be offering advanced Meeting Design solutions for anyone holding meetings. Strategic […]

North American participant at Meeting Design Practicum

As the only North American participant at both Meeting Design Practicums, Mike Van der Vijver asked me to write about my 2017 experience from the perspective of my national culture. Of course, what “U.S. culture” means is a matter of some debate, and I should mention that I was born in England and lived there […]

As a girl from Taiwan

As a girl from Taiwan, which is famous for its diversity of food, we know about taste! We also have a very varied vocabulary to describe taste in mandarin, such MA(麻) to describe the feeling on the tongue similar to spicy but caused by sichuan pepper not chili. But how can we taste a meeting? […]